Divorce and Bedwetting

Question: Is there a correlation between divorce and bedwetting? My 7 year old is going through a rough time due to my husband and I getting a divorce. A couple of months ago he started wetting the bed several nights a week, and lately it has been every night.  We both try and give him support and tell him it is not his fault, but it shows no signs of slowing down.  Any suggestions?

Bedwetting as the result of a tragedy, which includes a divorce, is usually classified as secondary enuresis since it normally occurs after the child has been able to achieve being dry at night. Wetting the bed because of a divorce or change is considered “normal.” In this case, you may want to use one of the best pull ups for older bedwetters until it simply stops. It has been observed after such things as 9/11, a scary movie, a loved one dying, and in this case – a divorce.

Oftentimes the root of the bedwetting is not in the tragic event itself. It may be the subconscious dreams they have. These nightmares can be so bad to cause wetting at night. It can be frustrating for everybody, especially during this already stressful time.

Bedwetting and Divorce Anxiety Will Get Better

This type of bedwetting does diminish over time. Use your best judgment whether or not to see your family doctor for your child’s bedwetting. Families may already be in a counseling situation. Counselings may help your child talk about their feelings and let their nightmares subside.

Anxiety Towards Wetting the Bed

Children can sometimes feel extreme anxiety when they wet the bed. They may feel like their bedwetting is a cause of the divorce. Or, they may think a parent may not want them because they wet the bed. Both parents should reassure their child that wetting the bed has nothing to do with the divorce. They are loved.

Since bedwetting during this stressful time is normally temporary, the use of an alarm system is usually overkill and not needed. Instead, use patience when helping children change their bedding in the morning. Or, you can suggest the use of disposable underpants or use GoodNites Bed Mats over the fitted sheet until they have been dry for several nights. There may occasionally still be accidents, but they should be less and less frequent over time as your family heals.

If in doubt, consult your doctor. There may be a physical reason for your child’s bedwetting such as constipation or infection, that will require your doctor’s help in diagnosis and treatment.