Drymid Re-usable Absorbent Boxers

Drymid reusable boxers are an absorbent pant that looks like a regular boxer short, but is able to conceal an absorbent core.  As has been shown due to the popularity of Goodnites boxer shorts, many kids want an alternative to a pull-up brief like the regular Goodnites or Underjams.  The Drymid boxer shorts are actually constructed with a full normal boxer short on the outside (instead of a medical-like material like Goodnites) and have a different interior padding through the crotch and the back of the pant.

The inside of the pant holds a very absorbent core made of soft polyester/cotton mix.   The material that touches the pant itself is waterproof, so accidents stay contained.  The absorbent core absorbs a lot of liquid by itself, but there is also a slit at the front and back of the brief where an extra pad such as a Tranquility booster can be inserted, making the pant hold even more.

The Amazon description of the Drymid says they are not specifically sold for bedwetting, but for kids and adults looking for a pant that looks exactly like a boxer short, the Drymid reusable pant definitely fulfills the promise of being discrete.  All of the material is very high-quality.  So much in fact, that the leg gathers do not stretch very much, so order the actual size instead of a size smaller, otherwise the elastic will cut into your child’s legs.

The availability of the Drymids boxer, especially on Amazon is slim, but other merchants can be found by using a google search.

If your child is looking for a resuable bedwetter pant that doesn’t “kind of” look like normal undewear or boxer shorts, but IS an actual boxer short, the Drymids reusable boxer short will definitely fit that requirement.  They are of exceptional quality, comfort, and will last a very long time.  When laundering – be sure to turn them inside out, especially in the dryer, to make sure the padding dries completely.  The manufacturer also recommends to wash them 2-3 times before use to get maximum absorbency from the boxers.

While Goodnites boxer shorts resemble boxers, the Drymids boxer short “is” a real boxer short.  Definitely recommended.