How do you stop a child from bedwetting?

When Jude started wetting the bed, it was kind of frustrating. I didn’t really know what the problem was with Jude. We were guessing maybe he was drinking too much before bedtime. To any parent who has a child who’s struggling with bedwetting, one in six children between the ages of four and twelve actually struggle and they will grow out of it. Days when he wasn’t having a good night were usually pretty rough after like 1 2 3 times like that you’re like okay kid we need to come up with a different solution here. Our lives changed a lot once we found the good night’s solution for Jude, everybody has a good night’s sleep when we wake up in the morning it’s calm. The fit of the Goodnite really kind of felt more like an underwear. If your child is struggling with bedwetting, you can learn more at

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