Hypnosis and Bedwetting

Hypnosis for bedwetting is an alternative method some parents try to help their child be dry at night. You can find hypnosis MP3 files or CDs on Amazon.com, eBay, iTunes and other respected websites.

But does using hypnosis for bedwetting work?  Well, hypnosis is related to meditation. Studies have shown meditation can help increase a person’s awareness of their surroundings and affect their attitudes and performance in things like sports. In Little League, many coaches tell their young players to use visualization techniques. Kids go home and before bed visualize hitting the ball, or making that winning play. Not just once, but over and over. Visualizing making that winning catch or home run can help give the athlete the confidence to make that play for real when the time comes. But can it work for children who wet the bed?

The answer isn’t clear. Certainly visualizing using the restroom instead of wetting the bed can have positive effects. After all, if they aren’t visualizing getting up out of bed, they might be visualizing and worrying that they are going to wet the bed. In other words, hypnosis can’t hurt.

However, hypnosis will not work if the root issue of bedwetting is not addressed. This is often the maturity of the sphincter muscles as well as working on enlarging the bladder to hold more urine. Hypnosis cannot help a child whose bladder is too small. It also can’t help if muscles are too weak to be dry at night. Only bladder exercises and stream interruption exercises can “exercise” those muscles. Using exercises such as those can help get a child closer to being dry at night. In the meantime, and during hypnosis, you will probably to have them wear a disposable underpants or bedwetting alarm.

Can Hypnosis For Bedwetting Help?

So can hypnosis help?  It usually can’t hurt – but do not spend a lot of money on hypnosis CDs. You may imply help your child learn visualization techniques to see in their mind that they get up and don’t wet the bed.  We hope to provide a sample script on this site parents can use to help teach their child how to visualize not wetting the bed.