Is there a store just for bedwetters?

Up until the mid 1990’s, if you were wanted any type of bedwetting products you had to go to a medical supply store and either buy small adult products or special-order products for children with special needs. These days, there are plenty of options for parents looking for bedwetting supplies.  If you simply want a disposable pant, Goodnites and Underjams can be found at most major department stores.  If you are looking for an alarm or other supplies, the best choice is to look online.

Where is a good bedwetting store?

Most internet stores specializing in bedwetting products are an offshoot of a traditional medical supply store.  These stores usually started even before the Internet, and when the Internet grew, so did their business until they were able to create a specialized section for incontinence and bedwetting products.

One of the most known bedwetting store’s online is aptly named The Bedwetting Store.  They carry a good selection of different bedwetting products such as the Malem bedwetting alarms, Rodger Wireless alarm, waterproof pads and mattress covers, as well as books, pillow covers, potty watches, re-usable briefs and more.  One of their most popular products is a special urine-eliminating enzym spray that is very good at getting rid of the tell-tale odor of bedwetting from mattresses.

They also carry a unique sleeping bag liner that slides inside a normal sleeping bag that will keep an accident at camp from becoming everybody’s business.

The Bedwetting Store has several other online stores that are related to bedwetting and incontinence.

Is there a brick and mortar bedwetting store

Because bedwetting supplies are fairly specialized, you won’t find a chain of stores in your city that solely deal with bedwetting.  If you are looking for an alarm and can’t wait, your best bet is to go to a nearby medical supply and equipment store and see if they have a bedwetting alarm in stock. If they do, chances are it will be the Wet Stop2 alarm.  While not the most advanced bedwetting alarm on the market, it is a good started model and works well for most children.  As noted in our review, the foam insert can be a bit bulky the first few times it is worn, but it softens up and conforms to the shape of your child.

So while there isn’t a bedwetting store you can just walk in to and browse the aisles, there are many different places online that carry the supplies you will need.