Nite Train-R Bedwetting Alarm

Nite train-r bedwetting alarmThe Nite Train-R by Koregon Enterprises is one of the most recognizable bed-wetting alarms still on the market today. It consists of a gender-specific foam insert and an alarm box that fastens to clothing.

Unlike most modern alarms, the Nite Train-R can be used with disposable underpants such as Huggies GoodNites or Pampers Underjams. The foam sensors are placed in the child’s underwear with the sensor holes facing away from the underwear and towards the child. A wire and jack connect the device to a small box which is then pinned onto the child’s pajamas.

The DVC refers to “Dual Volume Control” which merely means it has a loud and a “not so loud” setting. This can be accessed by opening the back of the unit to find the toggle switch.

Because the foam inserts themselves detect the moisture, they must be thoroughly dried in order to function. Each bed-wetting alarm (for boys or girls) contains two sensors. If the alarm sounds, simply switching out the insert for another one will get the child back in bed and sleeping soundly again. Because of this, a maximum of two alarms can be sounded a night. Additional sensors can be bought separately.

Bed-wetting alarms have been shown to be one of the best ways to train kids to stay dry at night. Parents must take an active role in the preparation for bed, and helping the child get to the restroom once the alarm goes off.

Bed-wetting alarms should never be used for normal potty training or under the age of 3-4.

The Nite Train-R retails for between $65-80 and can be found in many local hospital and medical supply stores, as well as online through major retailers like