When should we start a dry bed program?

A Dry bed program, alarm system or other bedwetting treatment program is not recommended in the summer. This is because children do not have to go to school the next day after a wet night.   Since children are active more often in the summer and stay up later, starting a bedwetting alarm routine or dry bed program is actually harder.   By staying up later, they are more tired when they go to bed. They also sleep deeper than they may during other times of the year. This causes them to wet the bed more, so it is actually the worst time to being treating  your child’s bedwetting. This is sometimes difficult to understand.

There is good news, though. If your child does stops wetting their bed during the summer, this often means they will stay dry for a longer period of time. If they do not wet their bed during deepest sleep, chances are they will remain dry the rest of the year.

Best time for a dry bed program

So when is the best age or best time to begin a dry bed program or alarm program?  The fall or winter after daylight savings time ends is a great time to start. You can begin by buying a bedwetting alarm to start a dryness program. It gets darker earlier so kids don’t stay up so late. During winter break around Christmas time might be another good time to begin a program as well.

In the end, dry bed training can be started pretty much any time of the year. However, it is definitely more difficult during the summer.  Dry bed training is complicated by kids going on vacation and summer camp. Try and aim for sometime after daylight savings time for better results.

By starting your dry bed program at a time your child is ready for it, you can increase the chance they will take the program in stride and start to wake up dry more and more.

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