Why is my child bedwetting?


My son first started wetting the bed after potty training. He was waking up and just having terrible mornings. He was really upset really embarrassed. I was shocked to learn how common it is for kids this age to be wetting the bed, but I did find out that they do outgrow it. As soon as he started wearing Goodnites and he woke up dry. He wakes up happy, he’s excited to go to school and everyone has a much better morning. My day has easier getting everyone to school and on time in the mornings has been just such a breeze. I was really surprised to learn how common bedwetting is,it’s just something that happens and that they can’t control and it’s comforting to know that you’re not the only one going through it. If your child is experiencing bedwetting and you’d like to learn more head to goodnites.com.

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