Why is my child wetting their bed?


When we first experienced bedwetting with Sophie, it was hard to adjust. We were waking up almost every night from her waking up, whether she had wet the bed already or it was kind of about to happen. She was more tired, didn’t get much of a sleep and I noticed that it would change my attitude for the day. I think most parents should know that it’s something that they need to grow out of and it’s just another development stage that they’ll pass through. Having Goodnites and having your child protected and knowing that you’re gonna get a good night’s sleep, it just puts you at ease. Goodnites is great because they have the Disney characters on them so the kids can enjoy putting it on right before bed. Sophie having a good night’s sleep makes a huge difference in her attitude and the way that she behaves throughout the day. Uf you’re struggling with bedwetting, know that you’re not alone and you’re gonna find more information on goodnites.com.

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