Alternatives to diapers for older children

Teens often want alternatives to diapers for older children or disposable underpants for bedwetting. Bedwetting alarms, calendars, and bladder training are always the first thing parents should try. But sooner or later if an older child is wetting the bed frequently, the subject of bedwetting diapers for older children or underpants will come up. Part of this is due to the media and advertising.

For years, bedwetting products were seen only in major catalogs such as Sears or JC Penny.  With the advent of Huggies GoodNites, bedwetting products can now be found in every major department store, grocery store, rest stops, and more. The availability of bedwetting diapers and their ease of use make them a popular choice for parents who want to deal with the problem quickly and not have to clean up wet clothes, sheets, and mattresses.

There is an alternative to quality diapers for older children, and that is using a re-usable pant specifically made for older children that wet the bed. Unfortunately, these are usually mail order or over the Internet, but there are several different brands, including many we have featured on our website.

Re-usable pants do not look or sound like a traditional baby or adult diapers, but they absorb accidents the same. The only downside is they need to be washed, so you will either be doing laundry more often, or you will need to buy multiple pairs. The initial cost of cloth bedwetting pants may seem quite high since some cost $30-$50 a pair, but when you factor in the cost of absorbent underpants like GoodNites or Underjams and the fact your child won’t feel like a baby, that cost is rather insignificant.

If your child outright refuses to wear any protection, you can purchase chux pads, an absorbent pad made out of medical material, that can be placed under the top sheet where your child sleeps to absorb any accidents. Unlike traditional plastic sheets used for bedwetting and to protect the mattress, the absorbent pad will generally not get too hot and uncomfortable in the summer months and is virtually undetectable.

Whether to use a reusable pant, a disposable diaper, or nothing at all is a decision you and your older child should talk out. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each will help your child make the best decision for their situation.  While diapers may be the easy way out, there are definitely alternatives.