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Disposable Bedwetting Underpants

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New Goodnites XL in 2021

Larger sizes of Goodnites underpants are coming in early 2021 according to Kimberly Clark. In late 2020, parents began finding…

Bedwetting Alarms

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Bedwetting Questions and Answers

Do dreams cause bedwetting?

Whether dreams cause bedwetting or not has been the subject of many theories and also many movie scenes. Many people…

What is nocturnal enuresis?

Nocturnal enuresis is the fancy medical term for bedwetting. No more, no less. For some parents, using the medical term nocturnal enuresis…

Youth Diapers for Severe Incontinence

Dry Comfort Extra Youth Diapers

Dry Comfort Extra is one brand of youth diapers available through mass-market and online retailers.  It is plastic-backed and one of the…