Best 5: Bedwetting Alarms

Babies are often sound sleepers and bedwetting is a common problem that millions of families face. These best bedwetting alarms will help you to fight this nagging problem.

Fifth on the list we have the Chummy Premium Bedwetting Alarm. It lets you choose your desired tone, volume level and vibration with the push of a button. Chummy alarms offer two step shutoff for deep sleepers. Its intelliflex sensors with round corners lay flat on the outside of the underwear and take body shape for maximum comfort. The alarm’s patented bright light, loud sound and strong vibration goes off to wake your child as bedwetting occurs. Advanced microprocessor algorithms ensure a safe and effective treatment. Chummy alarms alert you on low battery detection and on accidental sensor removal at night. With no exposed metal parts, intelliflex sensors never corrode or lose their sensitivity.

The Dry Buddy Flex 3 is at number four and comes with more conveniences and abilities than any other bedwetting alarm plus a long-range wireless performance. You can get the loudest sound, music and strongest vibrations with the optional bed shaker for waking up even the deepest of sleepers. You can use multiple Dry Buddy Flex 3 systems in the same house and the product has an easy and simple operation with one button or the remote. The powerful loud alarm allows placing the alarm at a considerable distance, while still being effective. The patented magnetic sensor is very easy to use and clean. It firmly attaches to cotton briefs.

Tthe third-placed Nytone Bedwetting Alarm’s newest update reduces its size so it is now more comfortable and less bulky. The bedwetting alarm sound, light and vibration have been improved to ensure your child awakens the moment wetting occurs. The alarm is worn around your child’s upper arm using an adjustable arm band and uses a sensor that attaches to close fitting underwear to detect urine. When the Nytone bedwetting alarm sounds during the night, it flashes a blue light, vibrates and makes a sound. To stop the alarm from sounding simply detach the sensor cord from the alarm. The included batteries let you start using the bedwetting alarm right out of the box.

The second place Therapee is an advanced piece of tech that is extremely safe, user friendly and provides comfort to the user. It’s Stopee alarm comes with an extra protected child lock and has a sensitivity level of 7 degrees to ensure no fake alarms. There are ten different sounds with volume control and it features different LED indicators for different functions. To make operation easier, it comes with a clear and easy to understand manual. You can use the interactive portal to receive a personalized level of care while, never having to leave your home.

The new and improved Malem Ultimate bedwetting alarm takes the first place and combines sound, vibration and light to help even the deepest sleep awake. A tamper proof selection switch can be used to set the mode to sound only, sound and vibration, or vibration only. All settings have a flashing light. The light weight alarm is clipped to the shirt top and vibrates and makes sound continuously when urine is detected until the two-step turn off is completed. Malem advanced easy clip sensor technology features secure grip and quick detect. The secure grip locks the sensor in place so it does not become dislodged. With quick detect, the alarm senses the first drop of moisture

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