Coverdry – A Unique Bedwetting Solution

A new product from the UK is making a big impact on families dealing with bedwetting – the Coverdry 3-in-1 wrap-around bed protector.

The idea for the product came when inventor Tracey Hollins’s oldest son was toilet training.  Like many moms, she was constantly cleaning up where her son had wet, including the car seat.  She started thinking of solutions and eventually invented a car seat protector that is placed into the car seat and will absorb wetness so it can simply be taken out, washed, and reused.

Like many parents, later she coped with her children’s bedwetting.  As a busy mom, it can be frustrating to deal with a wet bed in the morning.  While she tried to use plastic sheets and pads on the bed, it would only protect the bottom sheet – the rest of the sheets and bedding still got wet.

That is when she thought of the wrap-around protector.

The blanket-like product is waterproof on one side and absorbent on the other.  One of the unique features is that it can wrap-around the child and fasten with four small straps so there is no need to worry about it slipping off or falling onto the floor.  It can also still be used flat on the bed to protect it like a regular bed pad.   Because it is soft like a blanket, it can be used as a throw on the bed when not in use, or the child can cuddle up with it on the couch to protect the couch from being wet.

More information on this product can be found at their website at We hope to be able to review one more in depth in the future.  If you have tried the Coverdry wrap-around bed protector – please let us know your experiences by commenting below.