Do people use Pampers cruisers size 7 for bedwetting?

Question: Do people use Pampers cruisers size 7 for bedwetting?

Pampers cruisers size 7 have been on the market for a couple of years. But they have become harder and harder to find in smaller packs at the major grocery and department stores. One can only assume this is a result of not being popular, and thus not selling very well.

Using a diaper purely for bedwetting is a controversial issue. Most people instead look for the best pull ups for older bedwetters. Pampers size 7 were designed to fit larger younger children and were never intended to be a product for older bedwetting children or teens. Even though older children and school age children may fit into them, it does not mean they can or should be used for the treatment of bedwetting.

Wearing diapers past the toddler years is generally not advised unless absolutely needed. These include extreme bowel / urinary incontinence, special needs, and other developmental delays. These conditions usually mean the child has little or no bladder control either day or night. Older kids wearing diapers for bedwetting can feel extremely embarrassed. Especially if their other siblings or friends find out.

Alternatives to Pampers Cruisers Size 7

There are alternatives to using a baby diaper. If your older child cannot use disposable pullup underpants such as Goodnites or UnderJams, there are youth size diapers available. You can find them mainly on online stores. These youth diapers are much better suited for an older child. Youth diapers have multiple adhesive tapes. Also, they do not have the childish or baby designs on them. This can help a child feel they are not a baby, but just need to wear a diaper for older children.

So while Pampers cruisers size 7 may fit older children up to even age 12-13, it is highly advised you try disposable underpants. You can also try youth diapers rather than continue using a product made for babies and toddlers. Your child will thank you for it.