Goodnites XS – A New Goodnites Size

Goodnites XS are a new size of disposable bedtime pants by Kimberly Clark for children who wet the bed or are transitioning to night-time pants from diapers. The new Goodnites Size XS size are designed for children 28-45 lbs or sizes 3-5. Kimberly-Clark has long received comments from parents about a gap in sizes between its toddler sizes and its Goodnites brand of underpants for bedwetting. By creating this new size, Kimberly Clark has taken a bold direction not only in launching a new product size, but also proving through actions it is listening to parents who have long asked for this size. The size has been common in the U.K. under the Drynites brand for a couple of years.

New Sizes Such as Goodnites XS Are Not Common

Unveiling a new size of Goodnites is not common for the popular brand. When Goodnites first hit the market in 1994, they were manufactured with sizes small and medium. Later, in 1999, they unveiled their new line of size XL. In the early 2000s, the brand split the sizes into their current S/M and L/XL sizes where they have remained, although there have been several revamps of sizing due to product enhancements and changes.

The new size XS was released to fill a gap many parents have reported between the regular Pull-Ups pants sizes and the smallest Goodnites. By choosing the new XS Goodnites, parents can begin using the brand earlier and transition to the larger sizes as their child grows.

Where To Find Goodnites XS

XS Goodnites are being rolled out to retail stores now, with the first retailers being Target and Wal-Mart.