Iron Man GoodNites Underpants Arrive

Note: Iron Man Goodnites were produced in 2015 and remained on the S/M sizes until 2019. This page is left up for reference.

GoodNites underpants from Kimberly-Clark Corporation have recently refreshed their GoodNites Disposable Underwear product with new Iron Man designs for boys. These new designs are phasing out the Spiderman GoodNites underpants. The L-XL pants do not appear to be receiving any types of design modifications at this time.

Goodnites changes their design every couple of years. They do this to both improve features and provide new designs. The boys and girls designs do not generally change at the same time. Marvel characters are the most popular designs. We can anticipate seeing more design changes soon, probably in 2019.

Goodnites Features

Goodnites Bedtime Pants (Previously bedtime Underwear) are a recognized leader in bedwetting underpants for older kids. Standard features include odor control, super-stretch sides, customized absorption zones, and tear-away sides. Goodnites are a market leader. Goodnites feature the best nighttime protection in disposable underpants for older kids. In addition to great absorbency, they are soft and quiet. Most children who have tried a bedwetting underpant have tried Goodnites.

Iron Man Comic

The UPC Code on the Marvel Iron Man GoodNites also works for the special Spiderman comic featured on the front of  Use UPC code 036000413137 or visit directly to view the comic. The comic is fun way for kids to read a story about Spiderman and helping them not be embarassed about wetting the bed. It was written by Marc Sumerak.

Where To Buy

The new Iron Man GoodNites can be found at Wal-Mart and Target. They should also be available in grocery stores as their supply of previous Spider Man GoodNites sell out. In 2019, they can be found on eBay since they are no longer made and not in stores.