Most Popular Bedwetting Diapers

Manufacturers have started calling the most absorbent products “disposable briefs” or “fitted briefs” but there is no denying what they are – disposable diapers. Youth diapers and briefs should be used only for severe or complete incontinence, and never to embarrass or otherwise shame a child who wets the bed.

Why Use Diapers

The decision to use a diaper as opposed to a disposable underpant is one that needs to be taken very seriously. The first is your child’s size. As mentioned in the disposable underpants section, the underpants product is geared towards younger, and unfortunately, slimmer kids. Those that are larger both in height and weight, will quickly outgrow the product. There is an awkward stage between outgrowing the kids product and growing into an adult product. During this stage, many parents will switch to a youth or small size diaper.

The second reason to switch to a diapering product is the physical amount of urine your child is producing. All underpants, and diapers too, have a physical limit as to the amount of urine they will hold. If you child wets more than once a night without changing, a youth-size or adult diaper will make sure the urine is kept away from your child’s skin and continue to get a good night’s sleep without waking.

Talking To Your Child

Children are terrified at being put “back” into diapers. Even the suggestion of doing so may cause tantrums, crying and pleads to not put them back into diapers. If you can get through the tears and ask what really bothers them about wearing diapers – usually it comes down to a sense of privacy. What kids see on TV and around them are mothers and fathers changing a baby’s diapers. So naturally they assume that being put back into diapers means that you or your spouse is going to resume powdering them and fastening their diapers.

Communication with your child is the key – let them know that they will be responsible for putting their own protection on at night. You can show them how to put it on themselves by simply saying “tapes in back” – they can usually figure out the rest. Assure them they are not a baby and that they make diapers for kids of all ages and adults to. If you don’t make a big deal about it, it helps them to understand it as well.

Night-Time Procedure

Let your child know that it is their responsibility to make sure they put their diaper on at night before they go to bed, and that you will check to make sure when you say good night to them. Unless they fall asleep in front of the TV, kids will usually remember to do it themselves if you make it a routine. If your child forgets, you have two choices: wake them up and have them put it on, or put it on yourself. As you know, waking up your child from a deep sleep is a big challenge! If you do opt for diapering your child, remember to be understanding of your child’s forming sense of dignity. You can slip a diaper on and pull their pajamas back up quickly without them waking.

Diaper Brands

There is no shortage of brands of diapers in youth or small sizes. If you are on a tight budget and your child is slim and under 100 lbs., you may be able to use the largest “baby” diaper – Pampers 6. However, keep in mind that this is a baby diaper, and the capacity rating is for that of a toddler. We recommend choosing an age-appropriate product such as those listed below.

Dry Comfort Extra

Dry Comfort Extra is a disposable brief (diaper) that offers a small.petite size to fit 23″ – 31″ waist sizes, although they can go a little larger. They feature a wetness indicator and have a plastic outer shell instead of the cloth-cover many of the current briefs have. These briefs have extensive wetness protection, particularly in the front of the brief, which causes them to look very “padded” under clothes or pajamas.

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Tena Youth Brief

This is one of the best briefs for children. The Tena brand continues through adult sizes and their youth fits kids with 17″-22″ waist. They feature elastic in the legs and waist as well as a Dry-Fast core and wetness indicator. This is also a latex-free product ideal for kids who are allergic to latex. You can find the Tena youth brief at Vitality Medical

Molicare Classic

This brief is designed for children with heavy to complete incontinence and is rather bulky. It is manfucatured overseas and is purple in color with 4 tape tabs. The tapes tend to tear if the brief is put on too tightly, so it is best to make it comfortable but not too snug. The best place to find this product is at Magic Medical.


The Attends brand used to be found in regular grocery stores but lost the battle over comsumers with Depend. However, the Attends brand is still used in many hospitals and health care institutions as their diaper of choice. The great thing about Attends is that they carry a line from youth all the way to adult sizes. You can find Attends at Vitality Medical in both Without Waistband and With Waistband (Adult medium-large only).


Depend is the brand most people think of when it comes to adult diapers. Unfortunately, they have pretty much ceased production on their small sizes, so it is harder and harder to find them in the local grocery stores. Our preferred e-tailer, Vitality Medical, does not carry the small size, but they do have Medium and Large.

Tranquility All-Through-The-Night

The Tranquility brand is a cost-effective solution for those that need an all-night diaper for moderate-heavy incontinence or bedwetting. Their youth product fits waists from 18″-26″ and is able to contain 18.5 ounces of urine. The briefs are white and utilize the Tranquility “peach mat system” to contain wetness away from your child’s skin. They too can be found at Vitaliy Medical