Walgreens Well Beginnings Sleep Pants

Over the years, Walgreens has carried a variety of different off-brands (ie: non GoodNites) of disposable underpants for children who wet the bed. The latest to be offered is Call Well Beginnings Sleep Pants, which are the same grand as their regular store-brand diapers and baby products.

About Well Beginnings Sleep Pants

Well Beginnings Sleep Pants from Walgreens come are gender specific pants that come in both S/M and L/XL for boys and girls. The S/M fits 18-65 lbs and the L/XL fits 60-125 lbs. They retail around $9 for a package of 12 pants (L/XL) or 15 pants (S/M).

Some of the features of Well Beginnings Sleep Pants include featuring two different designs per package (the boys have baseball and skateboard designs, the girls’ design features hearts, peace signs and assorted images.) The sides of the pants are described as being smooth, for a trim and comfortable fit.

Like many regular training pants and bedwetting pants, Well Beginnings feature customized protection zones for both girls and boys, and an ultra-absorbent core to lock aware wetness. Inner leak barriers help prevent leaks and direct wetness towards the core.

While the front of the pant features the main prints, the back of the pant contains a printed “tag” that has the size of the pant printed on it.

Are Well Beginnings Sleep Pants For Your Child?

Well Beginnings are a very well-built pant and the reviews around the Internet are very positive. They are very soft and appear highly absorbent so should be more than enough for normal use at home or on sleepovers. Because this brand also makes regular training pants, the design closely resembles its baby counterparts, and could be noticeable on a sleepover. Having the size tag on the back of the pant can also be embarrassing if exposed. Overall, it is a very well-designed and inexpensive disposable bedwetting underpants, and will keep your child dry at night.