Wet Stop 2 Bedwetting Alarm

The Wet Stop 2 Bedwetting Alarm is one of a great variety of alarms on the market, and not all bedwetting alarms are created equal. When faced with the dilemma of purchasing a bedwetting alarm for their child, many parents flash back to their youth when they or their friends had a metallic pad that they slept on, and a large buzzing device that sat near the bed. While the pad-type alarm still exists, today’s bedwetting alarms are compact, durable, and have many different features to aid in nighttime training.

The Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm is one of the best bedwetting alarms on the market. In fact, the company currently manufacturing and selling the product, PottyMD, had so much faith in the product that they purchased the business from Palco Labs. Experience is on PottyMD’s side, with over 250,000 units of the Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm sold.

Wet Stop 2 Bedwetting Alarm Features

The alarm itself is very compact and attaches to the wearer’s pajamas or nightshirt near the shoulder with a unique magnetic attachment. This is very handy as opposed to other alarms that use cumbersome safety pins. It allows for a quick and easy nighttime routine to get ready for bed every night. Another feature that makes getting ready for bed easy is the clip-on sensor. Gone are the days when it was necessary to sew-in a pocket to regular underwear, or use an uncomfortable plastic insert. The clip-on attachment is attached by simply pressing the button on the sensor, similar to an alligator clip, and attaching it to the child’s close-fitting underwear.

With many alarms you get one volume, and usually one tone. With the Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm, you can choose a variety of different tones, as well as change the volume from three different pre-set settings. Different tones are a nice feature, as sometimes a child will get used to a particular tone and start to sleep through the alarm. Unlike the Malem line of alarms, the Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm sensor is not detachable, but is easily cleanable to immediately re-use after it has gone off. At the first drops of moisture, the alarm sounds for one minute, and then sounds intermittently for an additional minute with flashing lights. To turn off the alarm, the volume switch is merely set to off.

The Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm  can be purchased separately at many different retailers online, or it can be purchased directly from PottyMD, where parents will also receive a free copy of The Complete Bedwetting Book by D. Preston Smith, MD. A review of the book can be found in the books section of this web site. Also included in the kit along with the Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm are essential training materials such as a progress calendar with adhesive stars, extensive instructions in many languages for use and care of the Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm, and two additional batteries.

The instruction sheet for the alarm contains abbreviated notes that are useful and understandable for parents to quickly know how to start a training program for their bedwetting child. The instructions reinforce the fact that using a bedwetting alarm is a team approach and one the child themselves has to be actively excited about and an active participant. It also gives nine other tips to using an alarm program including providing a night-light to help the child awaken to the alarm, giving your child an extra hour or sleep a night or nap to help make up for when the alarm goes off, and other helpful tips.

Around 25% of families who start a bedwetting program do not continue until their child is dry at night. This number may surprise you, but it is understandable. Many parents will purchase a bedwetting alarm with the best of intentions, but in the first week, the wet spot from their child’s wetting will be very large and cause frustration with both the child and the parents. Stay with it! As your child continues with a bedwetting alarm program, one of the measures of success is the wet spot on your child’s pajamas and bed. Eventually your child will be able to wake up earlier and be able to stop wetting the bed sooner after the alarm goes off.

There is no magic time frame that bedwetting alarms will take to get your child to stop wetting the bed. It is safe to say it will take longer than a week, some kids are dry in 2-3 weeks, but most take 3-6 months of training to be dry for an extended period of time. If your child is dry for several weeks and then starts wetting the bed again, start using the alarm again. Relapses are normal and more curable than the initial bedwetting.

The Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm is definitely a first-class product manufactured by a company that cares about what they do. You may find cheap alligator-clip alarms on eBay or other online web sites, but you get what you pay for. The Wet Stop 2 bedwetting alarm is relatively inexpensive, has many advanced features of units that sell closer to $100 or more, and comes with a free book if you order directly from the manufacturer. The bonus of including a wetting calendar with adhesive stars is nice, as many alarms talk about such a calendar, but rarely include it.

Where To Find The Wet Stop 2 Bedwetting Alarm

We think you will be very satisfied with a trusted alarm such as the Wet Stop 2 Bedwetting Alarm.