Are there sleeping bag liners for bedwetters?

A great bedwetting sleeping bag liner can be bought at The Bedwetting store. A link is below.

If using sleeping bag liners is too expensive, or you need something right away and can not wait, there are other alternatives.

A good substitution is simply a waterproof underpad like Yippee Sheets placed inside the sleeping bag. Make sure the side of the sleeping bag with the underpad is the one they sleep on. The waterproof underpad can be placed further down in the sleeping bag so your child’s friends can’t see it.  Of course, if y our child still wets their sleeping bag, it may get the rest of the bag wet as well, but the pad should absorb the majority of the wetness.

Other Alternatives To A Bedwetting Sleeping Bag Liner

Another alternative to a sleeping bag liner is the tried-and-true method of simply using a disposable underpant. These are products like GoodNites or Underjams. Include a plastic bag in their sleeping bag so your child can put the wet one in the bag and roll it up with their sleeping bag in the morning.

Many children who wet the bed won’t need either of these methods. Some children simply do not wet the bed when they go on sleepovers. Your child may not reach the same level of sleep as they do at home. So they are much more sensitive to the sensation of needing to urinate. However, using an underpant or sleeping bag liner can help them get the sleep they need.

The waterproof, absorbent sleeping bag liners from The Bedwetting Store are washable to be used many times.  There is still a definite “top and bottom” to the liner, but it is easy to tell the difference.  For around $30, you can’t go wrong with their sleeping bag liner.