Yippee Sheets Have You Covered

Yippee Sheets first came to our attention after one of our articles on removing GoodNites Bedmats adhesive from sheets was going around on Twitter. An entrepreneur from Canada asked us to take a look at a greener alternative.

Yippee Sheets can be used to protect the bed from bedwetting, bleeding, menstruation, sickness, and other fluids.  They are made in Toronto, Canada and ship worldwide.

Yippee Sheets Features

Yippee Sheets feature a 100% cotton top layer and an absorbent middle layer. In addition, it also has a breathable, non-vinyl waterproof bottom layer.  It comes in a variety of sizes including twin/double, king and queen. They are also made for wheelchairs, chairs, car seats, and more. The twin/double size comes in a variety of prints and feature “wings.” These tuck under the mattress to help keep them in place.

Sleeping on the sheets is no different than on traditional sheets. The cloth material doesn’t rustle or bunch up when using the “wings.” They can be disposed of and replaced when the bed is made for the day so it will be there at bedtime. In addition, they can be used with disposable underpants for extra protection or a bedwetting alarm for night-time training.

Disposable bed-mats and underpads can be bulky and have to be thrown away. Yippee sheets can simply be laundered or re-used right away if dry. This provides a greener alternative to handling bedwetting and reduces waste. Once a child outgrows bedwetting, the sheets can be handed down or given to others as well.

Finally, you can find out more about them by visiting their website at http://yippeesheets.com. If you have any questions regarding them, please contact Nicole on the Yippee Sheets website. She’d love to answer any questions.

If you have tried Yippee Sheets and want to let other readers know of your experiences, please leave a comment below!