Goodnites Underpants

GoodNites by Huggies are the most recognizable absorbent underpant available today for kids who wet the bed. Introduced in 1994, they have undergone many different variations to arrive at the product that is now used by kids all over the world. GoodNites, or DryNites in other parts of the world, are designed to help kids who wet the bed lead normal, happy lives. Being able to wear a discrete product like GoodNites helps kids who suffer from bed-wetting attend sleepovers, summer camp, and other normal activities that would otherwise be embarrassing if an accident happened.

The original GoodNites were available in only two sizes, Small and Medium. Due to Kimberly Clark’s aggressive advertising which claimed it was “ok” for older kids to wear protective clothing, an XL size was introduced around 1999. This XL size of GoodNites was designed to fit kids between 85-125 lbs, although its increased size was known to fit children up to 180+ lbs.

GoodNites started off being unisex and plain white, a selling point heavily marketed by Kimberly Clark saying they were “just like underwear.” Recently, however, Kimberly Clark changed this stance and started to put designs on the front of the pants, making them look more like younger kid’s underwear, which is usually only available with prints up to size 8. This is a controversial subject with both kids and parents who feel that the new print designs once again make it appear like the underpants are just “bigger diapers.”

Along with the introduction of the print designs, the unisex version disappeared, and GoodNites are now available in both boys and girls designs. The small size was discontinued, and is now available only in S/M (38-65 lbs) and L/XL (85-125 lbs). They are available in both regular and jumbo packs at almost every grocery and general retail store.

The advances in absorbency are noteworthy and the product does what it advertises. It absorbs very quickly, and puts the responsibility of the night-time routine in the hands of the child. Many parents use these products at home every night hoping their child will simply outgrow their bed-wetting, but most experts agree that a night-time training program with an alarm system is preferable to simply using GoodNites all the time. They should be used sparingly for sleepovers and camp outs away from home, and be encouraged to participate in a training program while at home.

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