Tyco or Curity Sleep Pants

We had hoped that the new Tyco Sleep Pants we found in a different chain store were an updated version of their product, however it appears as though little has changed in the construction of their bedwetting underpants. These briefs remain co-branded for sale at Dollar General stores nationwide. They come in three sizes, although only the medium and large sizes are found at the Dollar General Stores. Medium fits 45-65 lbs, Large 65-85 lbs and XLarge 85-125 lbs. The X-large size remains a lot smaller than Huggies GoodNites products, so children towards the high end of 115-125 lbs (or over) will want to purchase GoodNites rather than this product.

The briefs still feature a lot of the features of the standard bedwetting and incontinence pants on the market, including Leak Barriers inside tohelp prevent side leakage, stretchy sides and waist for a snug fit, leg gathers, a super-dry core, and a colored thread to show the back of the brief. The colored thread, at least on the medium briefs, is still aqua colored and took a minute to actually locate. The sides, waistband and leg gathers are very stretchy and provide a nice, snug fit, however the leg gathers have a lot of excess material past the elastic, which flares up.

The front absorbant panel does not go to the top of the brief, which means that children, especially boys, can have a tendancy to miss the absorbant padding while laying in bed if not careful. We have not yet tested the capacity of the brief.

These pants are still good for smaller size children to use on emergency sleepovers, or if you cannot afford the quality of GoodNites. If possible, I would still try and find the better Sleep Pants at Walgreens – you and your child will appreciate the better product.

SleepPants can be found at Dollar General stores for $7/pack 17 (Medium). For a complete bed-wetting solution, we strongly recommend the use of a bed-wetting alarm for night-time training.