CVS Nighttime Pants for Bedwetting

CVS Nighttime Pants are distributed by the pharmacy chain CVS. Like many major corporations, they have a brand of bedwetting underpants. Their brand is just called “Nighttime Underpants” and are unisex for both Boys and Girls. They come in two sizes, S-M for 38-45 lb children (pack of 15), and L-XL for 60-125+ lbs. (pack of 12).

The L/XL package features a child sleeping with a football with the phrase “I played all day I’m ready for bed.” Alternatively, the S/M size features a girl on the package with the phrase, “I Tuck Myself In.” The underpants are a unisex design, so gender-specific features are not present. This might be a problem for heavy wetters, but overall, this does not affect this product’s usefulness.

CVS Nighttime Pants Features

According to the package, this brand of bedwetting underpants features:

  • Stretchy sides that provide a great fit
  • Leakage barrier
  • Moisture-proof cover
  • Low-rise waistband
  • Easy to pull on
  • Quiet for discreet protection

First, we noticed CVS Nighttime Pants are VERY bright. They may be quiet for discreet protection, but they will likely show through a pair of underwear and maybe even shorts due to their bright colors.  Next, like many bedwetting underpants, the size is labeled on the outside of the pant, rather than inside like GoodNites. If the pant is noticed peeking out of the top of pajamas, they will be recognized as bedwetting pants quickly.

Finally, the construction is excellent, and the inside is very soft, and they are fairly quiet. They absorb a fair amount of urine. Leak barriers around the legs hold liquid fairly well until the core can absorb it.

In conclusion, these are a good value bedwetting underpant and mid-range for absorbency. You can find them at CVS stores. They are not currently found on, but some links to alternatives can be found below.