Gary Wear Active Briefs Review

In April 2013, North Shore Care began carrying Gary Wear Active Briefs, a brand of waterproof covers for diapers. They are made for people of all ages the pants are designed for those who find traditional plastic pants to be too hot, inconvenient, and noticeable.

About Gary Wear Active Briefs

Gary Wear Briefs are made from 100% PUL, or polyurethane laminate. PUL is made by taking ordinary polyester knit fabric and treating one side of the fabric with a thin film of polyurethane. So, this makes it soft and supple. However, the addition of the polyurethane makes it waterproof. The treated side is usually worn on the inside of the garment.

Gary Wear briefs fit waists 22″ – 55″. As a result, this makes them a good choice for children who may need extra protection while using GoodNites, or even regular underwear. They do not absorb wetness. So, they will not contain a heavy accident without additional protection. They are available in a few colors. These include white, blush, latte, gray, navy and black. More information is available at


The Gary Wear Active Briefs are very well-made and effective. For years, PUL has been used primarily by WAHM’s (Work at home mom’s) to make their own diaper covers and protective pants. The pants are very well designed and stitched. There is a single tag placed on the front of the brief to show the front. Knowing which way is front or back is a common problem with traditional plastic pants.

An insert with the briefs says they can hold up through 50-100 washings. This may not sound like a lot, but we have seen numerous traditional plastic pants that develop holes in them, or lose their elastic after only a few washings. The briefs can be dried in a normal dryer on a low setting.

The brief is also quieter and softer than a traditional plastic pant. Furthermore, they also do not make the wearer sweat and feel hot as a normal 100% PVC pant tends to do. After following the directions in the insert, the pants came out of the dryer looking like new with no damage.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a low-noise, quality alternative to plastic pants, we highly recommend the Gary Wear Active Briefs.