Plastic pants for bedwetting, PUL or Vinyl?

Plastic pants for bedwetting or other forms of waterproof protection is common with heavy wetters. Waterproof pants protect clothing or the bed in case nighttime underpants or diapers leak.  They come in various thickness of vinyl, plastic, rubber and other materials.  A material known as “PUL,” which can also be applied to almost any fabric to make it waterproof.

Misconceptions about waterproof pants for bedwetting

Plastic pants are used not only on babies and toddlers over cloth diapers.  Gerber plastic pants are the most well-known brand and come in various sizes, colors and patterns.

Plastic pants for bedwetting are made for older children and adults too. They control leaks from bed-wetting, diapers, underpads, etc.  Larger sizes are a heavier gauge of  plastic than those for toddlers. They come in  two different main styles: pull-ons and snaps.

Plastic pants for bedwetting are generally not recommended  to use over nighttime underpants such as GoodNites or Underjams. Kids want to feel independent and less like they are wearing a diaper.  However, plastic pants can be used if your child is a heavy wetter.

Do not use waterproof cover with a bedwetting alarm. The sensation of wetness and the alarm sounding is an important part of alarm training. Using waterproof pants with an alarm may provide false events as a child sweats during the night.

Where to find plastic pants for bedwetting

Many different companies make youth and adult waterproof pants. One of the more popular light-weight pants are Gary Wear Active Briefs (available at Northshore Care), which come in an adult XXS small that may fit older children.