Gerber XXL Vinyl Pants

The toddler size vinyl pants from Gerber will fit up to a 25″ waist comfortably, depending on the thigh-size of the child. Older children with larger thighs may find the leg elastics too small. Gerber vinyl pants in the toddler size are slowly being replaced in retail outlets for XL size (4T) pants available in 3 packs in white, boys (blue designs) and girls (pink designs.)

Gerber vinyl plastic pants can be used in addition to GoodNites or a disposable undergarment, or over disposable briefs (diapers) in the case of severe incontinence. For older children, you will want to find a retail outlet that supplies reusable vinyl or plastic pants in a size small adult or a youth sizes.

Plastic pants should never be used to embarass or ashame children experiencing bedwetting. They should not be used with an alarm-training system, since changing wet sheets and bedding is a process of learning to stay dry. Bedwetting alarms and night-time training systems routinely measure progress by the size of the wet spot on your child’s bedding.

Additional manufacturers of youth-size plastic pants will be featured on in the future.