Will Gerber training pants help with bedwetting?

Using Gerber training pants to handle bed-wetting generally won’t work for several reasons, including the physical size of the pants, and if the child does fit them, they will usually be too young to really begin a treatment program.

What sizes are Gerber training pants?

Gerber training pants are currently available in sizes from 18 months – 3T.  Up until a few years ago they were also offered in sizes 4T and 5T, but those sizes don’t seem to be available any longer.  They are available as an All-In-One (AIO) waterproof trainer that combines a training pant and a soft waterproof covering (like wearing a pair of plastic pants), or a thicker training pant that has a larger soaker.  The material is usually 50/50 cotton and polyester or a combed cotton lining.  Both versions of the Gerber training pant are offered either in boys’ or girl’s prints, or a neutral solid color. They are fairly absorbent and come in a 3 pack and are considered more of a potty training tool than a bedwetting pant.

Why Gerber training pants don’t work well for bedwetting

Because these training pants are only available up to size 3T size, they will only fit smaller and younger children.  As we explain in a previous article on when to start a bedwetting treatment program, children wetting the bed under the age of 6 or 7 are too young to begin a training program.  A size 3T training pant will be too small even for most 4 or 5 year olds, and so is not going to fit even children this young. For older children, you may want to find the  best pull ups for older bedwetters.

Instead of trying to squeeze your son or daughter into these training pants just because they can be found at major department stores, you should consider a larger size pant such as Mother-ease bedwetting pants.

Training pants for babies are designed to be used for potty training and not necessarily for children who have enuresis or bedwettingBedwetter pants usually have a little less of a soaker (although some actually have more) and are made in bigger sizes than the regular toddler-size training pants that are in the baby aisle next to cloth diapers.

Even though these are only available through the Internet, the sizes will be more appropriate for older children than the Gerber training pants.