Mother-ease Bedwetting Pants

For many years, parents looking for an alternative to GoodNites disposable bed-wetting pants all finally came to find the Mother-ease pull-up bed-wetter pant – and with good reason. With an emphasis on quality, the Mother-ease bed-wetter pant proves it worth in its cost starting on night one.

When first looking for a re-usable pant for helping with bed-wetting, some parents are surprised to find out the high cost of Mother-ease. At just over $30, it can be a shock initially. But once you factor in the cost of disposable underpants like Goodnites and how often you would be buying them, the cost shock goes away and you can truly begin to appreciate the quality of the Mother-ease bed-wetter pant.

It is made of a cotton knit fabric for the inner layers, and a soft waterproof outer polyester (PUL) shell. The inside soaker layers are partially connected at the front and the back so the pant can be thoroughly cleaned and dried. These pants, like many of the all-in-one designs, are definitely not made to be discreet and used at sleep-overs, as they are very bulky and noticeable under pajamas and clothes.

The come in 3 sizes and fit children up to 65 lbs, which unfortunately does not help many of the older wetters.

But if your child is 5-6 and needs a good, reliable night-time bedwetter pant, the mother-ease pant may be just what you are looking for. They can be found on or through their web site. Bedwetter pants are not designed to be used with bedwetting alarms.