Dollar General Overnight Pants For Bedwetting Features

Dollar General Overnight Pants are a unisex disposable bedwetting pants available through the chain discount store Dollar General. They are labeled as “DG Kids” and retail for $7.95/pack. They are available in S-M sizes and L-XL for 60-125 lbs. While they are not one of the best pull ups for older bedwetters, they can be used in a pinch since Dollar General stores can be found in almost every small-medium size city.

 Dollar General Overnight Pants Features

Features as listed on the packaging include an ultra-absorbent core the locks away wetness and smooth, soft sides for a trim, comfortable fit. The S-M pants come in a package of 15, while the L-XL come in a package of 12.

Overnight Pants Review

dollar-general-overnight-pants-xlThe Dollar General brand of pants is not widely known or respected because they do not advertise, but in terms of a disposable bedwetting pant, it has several features that make it an affordable and dependable solution for dealing with bedwetting in children.

The pant is a white, unisex design. The size is marked on the outside of the pant, as it also is in similar pants. This is perhaps the only drawback to the effectiveness of discrete protection. The inside of the pants feature a very soft, inner lining. There is also a full leak barrier that starts at the front of the pant and continues to the back.

The absorbent zone ends about an inch from the waistband in the front and back of the pant.

The outside of the pant is fairly noise-proof, while the inner absorbent core locks away moisture quickly and is very absorbent.  As with most disposable bedwetting pants, the sides tear away easily and cleanly for disposal.

In conclusion, Dollar General Overnight Pants are highly recommended for a cost-effective means of handling bedwetting. They are plain white pants, which older kids will appreciate. They also wick away moisture quickly and are quiet under clothing.

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