New Goodnites XL in 2021

Larger sizes of Goodnites underpants are coming in early 2021 according to Kimberly Clark. In late 2020, parents began finding a peel-away sticker on cases of Goodnites in stores saying “L/XL is becoming two sizes.” In January 2021, The Goodnites website began offering sample packs of the new size for free to find the best fit for children

New 2021 GoodNites L

The new size L Goodnites for girls and boys fits kids 68-95 lbs. Previously, the L/XL combined size fit kids 60-125 lbs. This means that the new size L overlaps the previous size by a few pounds. The new 2021 Goodnites L has the same weight limits listed for both boys and girls, so the overall size will probably be the same.

New Goodnites XL

GoodNites XL Package

The new Goodnites XL bedwetting underpants fit kids 95-140 lbs. This is slightly different than the previous L/XL versions. As mentioned above, the previous L/XL Goodnites fit kids 60-125 lbs. The suggested size range for the bedwetting underpants has been increased by 15 lbs. These are the perfect pants for dealing with wet beds at home or bedwetting at summer camp.

The smaller sizes of Goodnites have licensed prints on them from Disney and Marvel. Both the previous versions of the L/XL underpants as well as the new XL size bedwetting pants have patterns on them but not licensed characters. L and XL sizes of Goodnites will likely never have licensed character prints or go to an all-white pant.

Goodnites are always refining their products and sizes. They changed their logo and the underwear’s features over time, but are relatively the same. However, last year, Pampers Underjams changed their product line completely. They came out with a new product, Ninjamas. Reviews of Ninjamas on Amazon and other retail sites tend to be negative. Customers complain the previous Underjams were more absorbent and fit better. Goodnites may have seen this as an opportunity to go back to two different sizes for L and XL where older children still need a good, affordable, absorbent bedwetting underpant.

Other Goodnites Sizes

The size XS Goodnites still fit 28-43 lbs while the S/M size will be 43-68 lbs. Many parents say the absorbency does not seem to match that of traditional pull ups for younger children. For families with multiple children still wetting the bed, however, it may still help to switch to Goodnites from a branded Pull-Up. It might make the younger child feel less like a baby and more of a big kid if they wear the same type of underpants as their older brother or sister.

Previous Goodnites XL

Goodnites originally were limited to only two sizes, medium and large, when they came out in 1994. These fit kids 45-85 lbs. Five years later in 1999, a new size XL of Goodnites was added for kids 85-125 lbs. At the time, GoodNites were white in color with only a white “tag” on the back of the pants.

Eventually, in 2004, The sizes L and XL combined into one size while staying with the 85-125+ lb range. The Medium size pants were changed to be size S/M for kids 38-65 lbs.

Free Trial Sizing of New Goodnites

Kimberly Clark is offering free “find your fit” samples of the new sizes of Goodnites on its website. The free samples have been promoted both on their website and on their Facebook page. The trial packs are only available for a limited time, and as supplies are available. The trial packs contain both a L size Goodnite underpants and a size XL pull up. They are available in either boys’ or girl’s styles and are limited to one trial pack per household.

The trial pack does not come in any outer packaging. They ship in a branded box that is shrink-wrapped to protect the samples inside.

Do The New Goodnites Absorb More?

Goodnites has never used specific absorbency capacities in its advertising. There have been improvements over the years in absorbency, however. Packages were changed to say “40% more absorbent.” But, they have never made a specific amount of absorbency as a feature. There is no mention of any increase in absorbency in the new Goodnites.

Where To Find New Goodnites XL

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According to the Goodnites Facebook page, the official response is “soon.” A user replied saying they are supposed to start appearing in stores in March 2021. There have been reports from parents the past several months that Goodnites are hard to find in retail stores like Wal-Mart and Target. While larger cases of the current size are readily available, the smaller packs of the underpants are becoming harder to find. This is normal when a product is discontinued.

The new sizes of Goodnites, both in L and XL sizes will be widely available. They will be at all of the places you currently find Goodnites. Unfortunately, since they will now take up two more rows on store shelves, some may choose not to carry a size. If you do not see the new sizes on shelves in late March, you may want to speak with the customer service manager. They can usually look up when a new product will come in.

The new sizes may first be available online on before arriving in your local store. It is possible shipments will be sent to Amazon for ordering before local stores will have them. Click the button below to search Amazon for the new sizes to see if they are in stock.

Goodnites XL

Previous Goodnites Products

This isn’t the first time GoodNites have tried new products. Most recently, they released Goodnites Absorbent Inserts. These resemble a male guard similar to its Depend product line. It uses adhesive to hold itself in place and is placed in the front of boy’s underwear. These are not stocked regularly in shores and are only available online at retailers such as

In 2014, Goodnites introduced its Tru-Fit Underwear. The special briefs were real underwear designed to hold an absorbent insert. They came in sizes S-M and L-XL for both boys and girls. They looked like real underwear and were colored and with patterns similar to normal underwear for children. The pants were advertised as a way for kids to help take control of their nighttime routine. They did not catch on and were slowly phased out. Many parents said their children found the inserts hard to put inside the underwear. In addition, the refill packs were hard to find and expensive.

Bedwetting Sleep Shorts

Goodnites Boxers and Sleep Shorts, released in 2007, were disposable pants resembling boxer shorts. They took advantage of the rise in popularity of boxer shorts while still providing nighttime protection. The boxer short material attached to an inner waterproof insert in the center of the pant. The material resembled a disposable medical gown and was either all blue for boys or all pink for girls. The boxers and sleep shorts are no longer available but can be found on discount websites.

Coupons for New XL Size GoodNites

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Will The Older Goodnites Be Harder To Find?

Because the new Goodnites sizes are basically split in half for both boys and girls, they will require 4 rows of shelf space instead of two. Smaller stores such as grocery stores and non-chain stores might need to put the current sizes of Goodnites on sale at a highly discounted price to make room. If you are looking for deals, be watching your favorite store’s ad in the newspaper or online.

28 count case of GoodNites for boys

Unfortunately, stores may sell out of Goodnites entirely until the new sizes arrive. This can be frustrating. Check out other brands of disposable bedwetting underpants if you can’t find Goodnites in your area. Read our best pull ups for older bedwetters article here on this site for ideas.

You may also need to shop online and have the underpants delivered to your home. Because they are new and places are running out of the current sizes, they may sell very quickly even if the store is actively selling them. Until they are more common, they might be out of stock at stores for several months into 2021.

Will GoodNites XL Ever Fit Even Bigger Kids?

Having a larger range of pounds on the package does not mean they will fit bigger kids. There are many factors including leg width around the thighs and torso length. Whether the new XL size will fit your child or not is up for you to try. If available, try the sample pack. Or, wait for them to be in stores and try the smallest pack as a guide.

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