PeeJs Long Bedwetter Pants

PeejsPeeJs absorbent bed-wetter pants are manufactured by Gremlin Supply Corporation out of New York and were created by parents whose son was experiencing bed-wetting and hated wearing “diapers”, pull ups, or night pants to bed. The pants are designed to look and feel like regular sweat pants or pajama pants and are full-length with elastic at the waist and the ankles

The pants are made with a microfiber / polyester mix and use a patented “Gremtex” technology to provide the highly absorbent core and the waterproof exterior. According to their web site at, The pants are able to absorb around 12 ounces of liquid regardless of size. They also manufacture an adult line of incontinence pants, however, those sizes are regularly sold out.

We were able to obtain a sample pair of PeeJs from the manufacturer and were quite impressed by its construction. The sewing was superb and the inside absorbent liner was very soft to the touch. The pants look and feel more like “ski pants” than sweat pants, and are quite heavy. In addition, they make a tremendous amount of “rustling sound” due to the heavy waterproof outer covering. These pants might be comfortable in the fall-spring, but would probably be extremely hot and heavy during the summer months.

PeeJs pants are a good alternative to disposables, and they help put control of the night-time routine into the child’s hands. They can be taken off like regular sweat pants and placed in the laundry by the child, saving their bed and linens from being changed. PeeJs recommends purchasing two or more pairs so the child can change from a wet pair into a dry pair in the middle of the night if necessary. At around $50/each, this can be an expensive solution, especially if a child is trained quickly. Because of their absorbent nature, we do not recommend the use of a bedwetting alarm with this product.