Pampers Underjams Sizing

Pampers UnderJams are already becoming a popular alternative to bedwetting underpants than GoodNites – but have their decision to make only smaller pants going to hurt them in the long run?

Actual Size: Comparing UnderJams and Goodnites

When comparing packages of UnderJams and GoodNites, it would appear GoodNites have the upper hand.  GoodNites brand of disposable underpants say on the L/XL package they can fit up to 125 lbs, which is well into the range of an average size teenager.  The size on a L/XL package of UnderJams says they will fit up to 85lbs, which is the low end of GoodNites.  But are these sizes acccurate?

Over the years, GoodNites have changed their sizes considerably, with their largest teen diaper for bedwetting being a few years ago when they manufactured an actual XL size, before combining it with a size L.  Since then, many parents have complained that the L/XL GoodNites are not as large as before, and many were forced to consider smaller size adult diapers instead of the more age appropriate GoodNites.  In other words, while GoodNites say they run up to (and infer they can go over) 125 lbs, they tend to run small.

Pampers UnderJams have the opposite problem.  Although they say they will only fit up to 85 lbs, UnderJams have stretchy sides that will stretch and hold their shape overnight, giving protection to kids much heavier than 85 lbs, with tests showing they can fit kids up to 150 lbs comfortably overnight.

For UnderJams, Size Is A Feature

UnderJams are being marketed as a “slim” product, with a small waistband that disappears under pajamas.  While this is beneficial for the exact target weight of the product, for those heavier or over the high end, the lower cut waist will tend to get progressively lower.  If an older child intended to wear only UnderJams to bed, but the back waist is too low, they may need to wear a pair of regular underwear or boxers over the UnderJams to be comfortable.

Will Size Hurt Sales?

UnderJams have many features that will be able to compete with GoodNites, but marking their packages as only going through 85 lbs could be their undoing.   Unless they are considering coming out with a third size, they would do better to increase the size of their smaller briefs, and then increase the size on the package of the large.   Parents comparing the two products will easily think to themselves that UnderJams will be too small for their 120 lbs child, even though the opposite may actually be true:  They might fit better than GoodNites.