Are Teen Diapers A Good Idea For Bedwetting?

Are teen diapers a good idea? Or should you instead find the best pull ups for older bedwetters?

In general, no. using diapers as punishment for older kids who wet the bed will not make them become dry at night any faster and may have lasting consequences.

Teen Diapers As Punishment

Most of the time, when we hear about teens using diapers for bedwetting, it is about being punished for wetting. Every week there are stories in the news about kids punished for wetting the bed by being forced to wear diapers, including having food and water withheld.

The use of a teen size or adult diaper as a means of punishing an older child for bedwetting is not only discouraged but could be considered child abuse, neglect, or endangerment.

Heavy Wetting Teens and Diapers

If your child is a heavy wetter and a product such as GoodNites Underpants either don’t fit or don’t work, the use of an adult or teen size diaper can be a solution. But by the teen years, if your child has not seen a doctor for their wetting, do so now. This is especially true if your child has never been dry at night. Primary enuresis in the teen years is a sign for intervention by a medical professional, as the child may have other serious medical conditions you may not be aware of.

In secondary enuresis, where the teen used to be dry at night but has started wetting again, this can also be a medical condition. Please consult a doctor who can do a complete physical. This will rule out infection or other causes of bedwetting.

What About A Bedwetting Alarm?

Generally speaking, using an alarm with an older teen is less successful than for younger kids. You can try it, but again not as a punishment.

Autism and Teen Diapers

If your child is autistic and has never been dry or is developmentally delayed, you will know if choosing to use diapers is needed or not.

In Conclusion

Diapers should be used with caution when it comes to teens. Your child should get a complete physical to rule out anything serious. Diapers should never be used for shaming or as punishment for wetting the bed. Bedwetting can happen at any age. It may last only one night. Alternatively, it might be intermittent. For occasional wetting (less than once or twice a month a more), have your child clean up after themselves and change their own bed. For prolonged bedwetting, you might consider using a more discrete product such as GoodNites or an adult pull-up.

Youth diapers for teens may be an option if your child is a heavy, frequent wetter. In this case, have them get themselves ready for bed without help and let them handle their routine independently.