Pampers Unveils Underjams: Alternative to GoodNites

Next time you go to the store to buy GoodNites disposable underpants for your bedwetting child, you may notice a new package next to the familiar GoodNites packaging – Pampers UnderJams.

UnderJams are the newest disposable underpant aimed at older children who wet the bed. GoodNites by Kimberly Clark have been the most popular bedwetting underpants on the market since being introduced in the 1990s, even resulting in a compeditor from Luvs, SleepDrys, going out of business. Since then, GoodNites have seem their fair share of competition from generic brands, but UnderJams are the latest, and biggest, threat that GoodNites have faced yet.

We will have a more in-depth article on Pampers UnderJams soon.