Can You Use Goodnites And A Bed-Wetting Alarm?

One the questions that comes up frequently is whether or not you can use disposable underpants such as Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm.  The answer is – maybe.  Here’s why.

Why not use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm

Most makers of bedwetting alarms tell parents not to use Pull-Ups, Goodnites or Underjams with the use of a bedwetting alarm such as Malem or Wet Stop because the very mechanics of the alarm require the special sensor to be able to detect the first drops of urine that occur during nocturnal enuresis or bed-wetting.  If you are using Goodnites or Underjams, the underpant may simply absorb all the moisture before it has time to activate the sensor.  Another question is – where do you put the sensor?  Most bed-wetting alarms use a clip-on sensor that attaches to underwear.  If you try and use a pair of Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm, the only place to put the sensor is to clip it to the material actually inside the child’s underpants.  That really won’t be the most comfortable now would it?  Imagine sleeping with a piece of plastic in the front of your underwear… not going to be very effective.

How to use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm

Despite the things mentioned above, it is still possible to use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm together. Have the child put on a pair of regular underwear and attach the bed wetting alarm to the underwear as mentioned in the instructions. Then, have the child put on a pair of Goodnites or Underjams over the underwear to provide that extra layer of protection for the bed wetter.  When they sleep and wet the bed, the underwear will still get wet, activating the sensor, but the Goodnites will protect the bed and clothes.  This will also make the child feel they are wet, which some doctors say is important in both toilet training and helping to cure bed-wetting.

While you can use Goodnites or Underjams, using bedwetting plastic pants may not work with a bed-wetting alarm because they can cause excess heat and moisture themselves, and end up setting off the alarm with a false reading.

So while it is possible to use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm together, remember not to just put the sensor inside of the underpant.  If you want to them together, use another pair of underwear under the Goodnite.  If you can though, simple use regular underwear and pajamas instead of Goodnites, along with a protective mattress cover, so your child can sleep as normal as they would if they were not wetting at night.

Following the above advice, you will be able to use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm together and hopefully quickly train your child to stop wetting the bed.