Oopsie Heroes: A New Bedwetting Alarm

Oopsie Heroes is a new bedwetting alarm developed in the Netherlands aiming to help kids get to dry at night and help bedwetting.

About Oopsie Heroes

Oopsie Heroes uses a small sensor attached to underwear or pajamas with a double-sided adhesive. The small bedwetting sensor signals an alarm that is picked up by a device running the app. This triggers a phone or tablet to sound a louder alarm, waking your child. The app also automatically keeps track of the date and time of the bedwetting so that you can spot trends. You will then see if your child has any common events before wetting the bed, like their last drink of liquids or food allergies.

Parents can record their own voices instead of using regular alarm sounds to encourage the child to wake up once they have wet.  The alarm cannot be used with disposable underpants or diapers. Using the alarm with nighttime underpants may cause the device to give false-positive events.

How long does it take to stop bedwetting?

The Oopsie Heroes website says the average time it takes to train a child is 6-12 weeks of using the alarm. Your child may stop wetting before 6 weeks or still we after that timeframe. Every child is different. By using the system every night, without skipping, your child will learn to recognize the signals that lead to bedwetting and wake themselves up.

How much does it cost?

The alarm and app cost 128 EUR, which is about 143 American dollars. This is more than most bedwetting alarms, such as Malem or Shield. However, it does come with an app and learns based on your child’s history, so it is to be expected.

Find out more about the Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm at their website – https://oopsieheroes.com/.

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