Buying Underpants and Diapers

Many parents wrongfully assume not to use absorbent underpants such as Huggies GoodNites, Pampers Ninjamas or Luvs Sleepdrys because they feel their children will be embarrassed at having to wear a “diaper” at night. Many times what the parents are feeling is a misplaced embarrassment they will feel themselves.

Some parents view bedwetting as a “family secret” and while bed-wetting is very common among school-age children, there is absolutely no reason why you should be telling your child’s friends and parents about their bedwetting. In fact, many parents share in their child’s fear and embarassment when purchasing special undergarments such as GoodNites in the supermarket.

Purchasing products for an older bed-wetting child does not have to be embarrassing nor stressful to either of you. Take a look at the “older kids” section of the diaper aisle and you will notice there are several packages of GoodNites already missing from the shelves. Somebody else in the area must be buying bed-wetting products too.

If all else fails, there are places online where you can order GoodNites or other bedwetting diapers or underpants for your child. We have included many in our section on Disposable Briefs and also have a few other sources in our Links Area.

When choosing an online retailer, you should look for a professional design, and then check their shipping policies to find out how fast they will ship, and if they will ship in an unmarked box. Many incontinence suppliers re-use their boxes from the wholesaler, so if they do not specify “will ship in unmarked boxes,” you may receive a giant box on your front door with “GoodNites” or “Attends” or “Youth Diapers” marked all over the box.

Remember, how you deal with your child’s bedwetting has a direct effect on how they do as well. Treat bedwetting as something the child will outgrow and not that big of a deal. Your love and understanding make all the difference.