Potty Scotty Training Pants Review


The Potty Scotty training pants for night time bedwetting are a re-usable bedwetter pant manufactured by a company called Mom Innovations. While most of their products revolve around potty training solutions, products and advice for both boys and girls, the Potty Scotty or Potty Patty night time training pants are available in sizes for older or bigger children who wet the bed or suffer from night time enuresis.

The Potty Scotty training pants are night time pants that meant to be pulled on for ease of use by children.  They come in four different sizes: 2-4 (30-40 lbs), 4-6 (30-50 lbs), 6-8 (40-60 lbs) and 8-10 (50-70 lbs).  They are white in color and come in a high quality package with care and usage instructions. The Potty Scotty training pants for night time are heavier than their normal training pants, and they have a waterproof fabric outer shell.

The pants are very thick with a soft terry lining that is next to your child’s skin.  The padded center panel is extremely thick and absorbent and is made of 100% polyester.   The outer shell of the Potty Scotty training pants is very soft and not very loud.  There is a sticker over the materials list that indicates the bedwetter pant was once made with a vinyl waterproof cover, but the new PUL shell is extremely soft to the touch and quieter than plastic or vinyl.

Potty Scotty training pants snaps

The night time training pant has overlapping age/size ranges, so it may be best to buy a size up.  They are snap pants, with 2 sets of three snaps on each side.  By having 2 sets of snaps on each side of the training pants, they are able to be adjusted and fitted as a child grows.  The snaps are made of plastic and are very easy to unsnap, and are securely fastened to the sides. According to Mommy Innovations, the reason for the snaps is so the night time training pants have the convenience and independence of a pull-up and down pant, but in the case of a larger accident or “#2” the pant can be unsnapped easily and the waste disposed of.

 Potty Scotty training pants sizes, ages and additional features

The Potty Scotty / Potty Patty night time training pants are sized appropriately.  The size 8-10 for instance should easily fit most 8-10 year olds who are within the normal/ideal weight and size range.  Because of the terry cloth lining, children using the pants will have the sensation of being wet, which will help them try to be dry.  These briefs, however, will not work with bedwetting alarms, these are more for management of bedwetting rather than trying to accomplish night time dryness.

If you are looking for potty scotty training pants, or a good night time bedwetter pant for older children, the Potty Scotty training pants are a great deal.