Are there quality diapers for older children?

Quality diapers are needed for many kids with special needs or dealing with heavy incontinence. Many parents of older children and teens find GoodNites or Underjams not quite good enough for older children. Unfortunately, you will not find youth size disposable briefs at the local supermarket. Even at a “hospital supply store,” you will likely only find products for adults.

Where to find quality diapers for older children

Finding quality diapers for older children can be a challenge, but there are a few brands of diapers that cater to this market.  Many supplies of these “in-between” sizes refer to their diapers as “special needs” products, while others call them disposable briefs.

Currently available youth diapers

By far, the best youth disposable diaper is the Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) brief.  It fits children and small adults with an 18″-26″ waist. It has a plastic cover. The brief also has the typical “peach mat” of the Tranquility line. These quality diapers live up through their name. They hold an incredible amount of liquid.  The gel absorbs liquid quickly and locks it in place.  These briefs have 4 tapes, 2 on each side. However, the tapes do not refasten particularly well. Fortunately, these briefs are made not to be removed until the morning. They are also fairly economical as a pack of 10 usually only costs between $10-13.

The Tena youth brief is another diaper available for waist sizes 17″-29″. It is made by the makers of the popular line of Tena products. They are a respected manufacturer of incontinence products around the world. It features 4 tapes like the Tranquility line, but they are easier to refasten. Some say the plastic backing is too thin and easily tears.

One of the best disposable diapers for older children over the years has been Attends youth diapers.  Although not as readily available as they once were, the Attends line is a highly known and respected brand.  These are plastic-backed diapers, but they also come in a “breathable cover” version with a soft, cloth-like backing.

A few other quality youth diapers, such as Molicare, Dry Comfort, and Kendall Wings.  Most of these can be purchased online. One of the best places is Northshore Care.

Looking for quality diapers for your older children can be frustrating to find locally. Look on the Internet to find options, or try one of the links below.