Bedwetting and coronavirus fears

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 may lead to your child’s increase anxiety. This anxiety may lead to a link between bedwetting and coronavirus fears.

Suddenly facing social distancing and not being able to interact with their friends, children react in different ways to the world around them. Your child may regress to behaviors they have not shown in years. This can include sucking their thumb, tantrums, sleep walking, nightmares and of course, bedwetting.

Helping Bedwetting and Coronavirus Fears

How parents handle their own fears go a long way in helping children understand the world around them. Stay calm, and if you need to talk about your own fears with your spouse or loved ones, do so out of the listening range of your child. Assure them everything is going to be OK and they will be able to see their friends soon.

If your once dry child is suddenly wetting the bed at night during the coronavirus pandemic, the best thing to do is be understanding. Assure your child their bedwetting is only temporary – like the virus. Likewise, if you start to use a product such as disposable underpants like Ninjamas, again tell them it is only temporary. Console them that they are not a baby and it is just something their body is going through today.

If you can’t get to the store, or think your child may be embarrassed by buying them in the store, you can purchase GoodNites or other disposable underpants on Amazon. For a regression of this type, a bedwetting alarm is usually not needed or advised.

How long will my child wet during the Covid-19 outbreak?

The amount of time it will take for your child to become dry again will vary. The best thing you can do is talk openly with your child and have them tell you their fears. This way you can help assure them everything is going to be ok.