GoGo Band Aims To Predict Bedwetting

A new startup uses biometrics to predict when the bladder is full and alert kids and parents when to wake up and use the restroom. Created by entrepreneurs Jon Coble and Timothy Baker, GoGo Band is a unique bedwetting alarm that uses machine learning to analyze your child’s sleep data to predict when the bladder is full.

How Does the GoGo Band Work?

The band attaches around the child’s leg and monitors their breathing, heart rate, and perspiration as they sleep. During a period of 2-3 weeks (on average) it keeps track of precisely when your child wets the bed. This is done through an app on a phone or a tablet. You can also manually input the times your child wets. This data is combined with the biometric data. All of the data helps keep track of possible indicators they are about to wet the bed.

It then anticipates an accident about to occur while waking the child and the parent with an alarm. The child then answers a question on the tablet: “Do you need to go?” If they say yes or has already wet, they choose yes and either go to the restroom or clean up. If they say no, they go back to sleep.

While using the GoGo Band, it is recommended to stop using absorbent night pants. This is to help your child feel when they go and to better know if they are wet or not when the alarm sounds.

How Much Does GoGo Band Cost?

The current price for a GoGo Band is $290 which is said to be a $200 savings. There is a Buy Now button on the GoGo Band website at mygogoband.com but it currently says out of stock. There is also a monthly fee of $15 to help support the cost of the data storage.

Does The GoGo Band Work?

Currently the device and system are listed as a “lifestyle” device by the FDA and not designated as a Class 2 medical device. According to its website, there are several testimonials from people who helped test the system saying it helped cure their child’s bedwetting.

Some kids may sleep through the alarm and still wet. It is recommended your child have a mattress protector under the sheets when using any program. Or, if your child needs more protection at night, you can find the best pull ups for older bedwetters.