Does insurance cover bedwetting supplies?

Many parents wonder does insurance cover bedwetting supplies. Bedwetting supplies such as alarms, underpants, undergarments, mattress protectors, etc. are not generally covered by standard health insurance.  It is possible your particular insurance carrier might cover some of these costs. However, it is always best to check with your carrier for their policy on covering the cost of bedwetting supplies.

What can you do if your insurance does not generally cover bedwetting supplies? Many offer a special savings account to help cover the cost of alarms. Good bedwetting alarms can cost over $100. If you start a program at an enuresis clinic, your flexible spending account can normally be used to help pay for it.

The cost of bedwetting underpants or diapers is generally not covered. This is different than incontinence supplies for older adults. Some think insurance companies are scared parents would claim diapers for babies as well. Also, since many kids are toilet-trained older than 2-years-old, the cost to insurance carriers could be great.

If Insurance Does Cover Bedwetting Supplies

Still want to contact your insurance company? Ask if Durable Medical Equipment is covered by your policy. The standard number for alarms is: S8270.  Give them this information. They can look up your policy and see if it is covered or not. If not, check into the flexible spending account or FSA.

Even if your insurance policy does not cover bedwetting alarms, the cost will be worth it. Think of the cost savings when your child finally wakes up dry.  Add up the cost of pull-ups, diapers, laundry, and more.

In conclusion, the cost of a good alarm will pay for itself in the future. An alarm is still the best way to teach your child how to stay dry at night and increase their self-esteem.