Best Free Incontinence Supplies

Free incontinence supplies are a great way to try and get the perfect fit when looking for bedwetting diapers or pull ups. By choosing a variety of free samples, you can experiment and find the best fitting, most absorbent, and the most comfortable bedwetting or incontinence pants to help your child and their bed stay dry at night.

Companies offer free incontinence supplies to do exactly that. While it may surprise you companies give away items for free, it is common. One of the main reasons is giving products away for free helps form a connection between you and them. If you receive a product that works, you are more likely to stay with that seller or brand until your child no longer needs them anymore.

Once you find a brand or make you like, you can oftentimes put the bedwetting diapers on a subscription plan to auto-fill every month or two months. Most bedwetting stores or medical stores allow you to do this.

Free incontinence supplies are not usually found for the major brands of bedwetting underpants you can find in stores. You won’t be able to find samples for GoodNites, Underjams, Ninjamas, Target Up & Up and the major brands of absorbent pull ups for older children. Free incontinence samples are usually for adult products with brands found online or in medical supply stores. However, they usually also have small or extra-small sizes that can fit older children.

Free Incontinence Supply Sources

Sources for free samples are usually found either on a manufacturer’s official website or a medical supply company. Our listing here has a combination of brands and distributors.

Free Incontinence Supplies From Brands

TENA Free Incontinence Supplies

TENA offers several free trial kits for both male and female.

Their regular absorbent underwear free trial kit is available only in sizes M/L and X/XL, so they are unlikely to fit older children. The TENA Overnight free trial kit does come in a size Small/Medium to fit waist sizes 32-42” which might be able to fit older teens who need protection at night.

As of this writing, TENA offers free shipping on its sample kits.

Request a TENA Sample


Depends were the top maker of incontinence products for many years. They are still popular because they can be found in almost every grocery or department stores. Their popularity is pretty much because of their availability because better products exist through specialty online and medical supply stores.

Depend currently offers incontinence samples for both men and women. Women can receive 2 pair of Depend® Silhouette® Underwear in small, medium or large. There are two options for men. First, 2 pairs of Real Fit briefs in sizes S/M or L/XL. The other option is for a sample containing 4 items, two male shields for light incontinence and 2 male guards for greater incontinence. Both the shields and guards are one-size-fits-all.

Request a free sample from Depend.


Prevail offers a sample kit for both men and women. The women’s sample kit contains 1 very light liner, an ultra-thin pad, a bladder control pad for moderate absorbency, a bladder control pad with maximum absorbency, and a purse-ready sample of their protective underwear. They are available in S/M, L, and XL sizes.

The male kit consists of 2 male guards and 1 protective underwear in sizes S/M and L/XL.

Request a sample from Prevail.


Tranquility requires a short survey to be filled out in order to obtain a sample pack of 2 free incontinence supplies. You are able to sample any of their popular briefs including their ATN (All Through The Night) brief, EliteCare brief, SmartCore brief, Slimline Breathable brief, Slimline Original brief, Bariatric Briefs, Select Disposable Briefs, and other breathable briefs. Without the coupon, samples cost $2.99 with free shipping. The youth sizes can be found in both the Tranquility Slimline briefs and also the XS size of the Tranquility ATN.

Request a Tranquility youth diaper sample.

Wellness Briefs

Wellness briefs are a premium brand of diapers with a plastic outside covering. They have samples for their Superio Wellness Brief as well as their original brief and pull up underwear. The briefs only come in sizes Medium, Large and XL. Shipping is $7.99 per sample pack

Request a Wellness Briefs sample.

Free Incontinence Supplies From Retailers

NorthShore Care Free Incontinence Supplies

NorthShore is probably the best online retailer for diapers in a variety of sizes from youth to bariatric adult. They also routinely include samples in regular orders through their site as well. They have an online form you fill out to request a sample.

Request a diaper sample from NorthShore Care


HDIS is a retailer of incontinence supplies and is very well known. At the current time, they are not accepting online requests for samples, but you can call them at 1-800-207-4781 to request a sample. They do limit requests to one request per household.

Their samples are usually the “Reassure” brand name. You can request either pull up style or diapers with tabs

They typically include 2 samples, a catalog and coupons for future orders.

Most of the sources listed in this article do require you to pay shipping for the items. Usually it is only a couple of dollars. Be sure to look carefully at the shipping costs.

If you are looking for free incontinence supplies on an ongoing basis, you might try your local food pantry or the churches in your area to see if they have bedwetting underpants, diapers or small adult incontinence items to help keep your costs down.

Request a free incontinence sample from HDIS


Healthwick is a Canadian incontinence supply company offering a variety of samples. To order samples from the company, choose from up to 5 products and limit to “one per” each product. The coupon for free shipping within Canada is also limited to one person.

Some of the incontinence samples available for youth include TENA Youth Briefs, Curity Youth Pants, SleepOvers Overnight Pants, Covidien Wings Youth Briefs, Tranquility ATN (Size XS), Abriform Premium (Size XS), Abena Abri Flex Premium Underwear and Attends Advanced Briefs (XS)

Request a sample from Healthwick (Canada)

Tye Medical

Tye Medical is an online retailer that offers free incontinence samples in a variety of different absorbencies. While the samples are free they do require $1.99 for shipping within the United States.

Their Premium Brief sample pack is offered and contains 1 S brief and 1 medium brief. The brief included is the LivDry brand. They also offer samples in their regular, overnight and ultimate sample packs that contain a combination of pul up style underwear and pads.

Request a free sample for $1.99 shipping from Tye Medical

180 Medical

180 Medical offers samples for their diapers, pads and protective underwear. They require you to fill out a contact form and they will email or call you back with questions to customize your sample pack.

Request a sample from 180 Medical (They will call or email you back)

Woodbury Products

Woodbury Products requires you to fill out an online form and one of their customer service representatives will call you back and determine the products for you. Not all products are available as samples and their website does not list which ones are or are not available as samples.

Request a sample from Woodbury Products (they will call you back)

MedPro Direct (Canada)

MedPro Direct is a Canadian company that offers free incontinence supplies or samples in Canada. You can request youth products such as Prevail Small Specialty briefs and also TENA briefs in size small.

Request a sample youth incontinence product from MedPro Direct in Canada.


Attends makes a very good youth diaper. You can request samples by calling 1-800-428-8363.

Find out more about Attends Youth Briefs.

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