Target Nighttime Underwear By Up & Up

Target Nighttime Underwear is a brand of disposable underpants by Target. Like GoodNites and Underjams, they are an absorbent pant to help manage bedwetting in children and to keep them dry at night.

The Up and Up brand is known to be a quality brand, and their disposable underpants for older children are no exception. Target nighttime underwear have the same features found in major brands including:

  • A cloth-like cover
  • Soft, stretchy, colorful sides
  • Dual leak guards

Do Target nighttime underwear work?

The Up and Up brand of nighttime underwear are a bargain and work just as well as the national brands. They absorb quickly when wet and keep the moisture away from skin. They hold up a lot better than other store brands such as Dollar General, Rite Aid, Walgreens Sleep Pants etc. Like GoodNites, Target nighttime underwear can be worn discreetly under pajamas while at home, vacation, camp, or sleepovers. The material is soft and cloth-like so there is little rustling sound while wearing.

These are very good pants for teaching kids how to manage their bedwetting themselves. In fact, we think these are the best pull ups for older bedwetters. Unlike diapers, these pants can be pulled on and off like regular underwear. They are available in S/M and L/XL sizes. The sizing is comparable to other brands with S/M fiting 35-65 lbs and L/XL fitting 65-125 lb children. The fit is similar to GoodNites so buy the same size if switching products.

Is there really a price difference?

A 42 count box of S/M Target nighttime underwear costs $19.99 which is 48 cents per pant. A 44 count of similar GoodNites is $26.49 or 60 cents a pant. This is a savings of over 20 cents a pant, which can add up over time. You will be saving a dollar every 5 underpants, which is a substantial savings.

What do kids think?

I talked with a family that switched from GoodNites to Target nighttime underwear and they said their child didn’t really notice the change. In fact, their child thought their “GoodNites” came out with new designs. on the front and were the same as they had always been. If your child wearing GoodNites then switching to Target nighttime underwear shouldn’t be noticeable.

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