Tugaboo’s Overnights Youth Pants by Rite Aid

Tugaboo’s Overnights are a value-brand disposable underpant distributed by Rite Aid. They are a unisex pull-up designed for children in two different weight ranges. The S/M fits children that weigh 38-65 lbs, while the L/XL fits children who weigh 60-125 lbs.

These bedwetting pants include the features:

  • Looks and feels like real underwear
  • Gentile, hypoallergenic inner (with vitamin E and Aloe)
  • Premium Absorbency for nighttime protection

The outside and side panels of the pant are very soft and stretchy. The pants have features you would expect in a good bedwetting pull-up. These include leak barriers and elastic waistband. The inside material has a liner infused with vitamin E and Aloe.

The pants do not absorb well. The width of the liner does not change much inside the pant. This leaves the top of the front of the pant without a lot of padding. Also, the absorbent core does not “wing out,” so a lot of the top front and back of the pant has no absorbent material.

The GoodNites core, in comparison, fills the entire front of the pant. Therefore, it does a better job of keeping your child dry.

They are cheaper than Goodnites, but their absorbency is less because of the core’s size and shape. The Tubaboo’s Overnights pants should only be used if your child has light-wetting. Because of the popularity of Goodnites, many stores like Rite-Aid have contracted to have their own brand of bedwetting pants produced. Unfortunately, they tend to be of poor quality.

In conclusion, GoodNites are recommended for heavier and more active sleepers. Remember, GoodNites are the leader for a reason. Price should not be the only reason when buying bedwetting pants for your child. Obviously, you want the pants to keep your child dry.

Where To Buy Tugaboo’s Overnights

Rite-Aid distributes these underpants, and they are found in every Rite-Aid store. You can also find them on Amazon.com if you would prefer discrete delivery.