The Complete Bedwetting Book

Complete Bedwetting BookThe Complete Bedwetting Book is 96 pages long and written in 2006 by D. Preston Smith, MD, FAAP, FACS, FSPU. Dr. Smith is a recognized expert in pediatric urology and the author of the books The Potty Trainer and Overcoming Bladder and Bowel Problems In Children. He is a dedicated urologist who helped form PottyMD in 2003. PottyMD is an organization that offers bedwetting and bladder treatment programs for children of all ages.

Unlike many books that jump right into the use of a bedwetting alarm and program, Dr. Smith devotes many pages discussing some of the root causes of bedwetting. He explains that bedwetting is seldom caused by a severe medical problem. He suggests the#1 question you must ask is: Is bedwetting a problem? Dr. Smith offers that it is a problem if any one of the following conditions is met: If your child complains about wetting the bed, if you complain about your child wetting the bed, or if others make your child feel uncomfortable about wetting the bed.

There are many books and web sites that give their own theories as to the cause of bedwetting. Years ago, it was seen as a psychological problem, others claimed it was caused by drinking too much liquid at night. In the book, Dr. Smith thoroughly examines the causes of bedwetting and offers a unique insight into bedwetting that is rarely thought of: daytime bathroom habits. Dr. Smith details his thoughts and experiences in treating bedwetting in children, and has recognized a direct relationship between bad daytime habits and bedwetting.

Dr. Smith spends considerable time going over the right way to start an alarm program and gives many pages of advice on how to choose an alarm including size, tones, sensor, and other features. He details how to make a progress chart for keeping track of wet and dry nights, and how to help keep the chart private between parents and their child.

Dr. Smith’s book is highly recommend for parents coping with their child’s bedwetting. The book lists at $12.95, but at, you can obtain both the book and the Wet-Stop2 bedwetting alarm for $72.

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  • Smith, D. Preston, M.D. (Author)