Dri Nights Bedwetter Pants

Dri Nites Bedwetting PantsDri Nights Bedwetter Pants are offered by a company called One Step Ahead. Their web site is located at onestepahead.com and the bedwetter pants are also available through amazon.com.

The Dri Nights Bedwetter Pants are a cloth pant that is an alternative to using disposables. Older kids may object to Goodnites or Underjams because they are basically larger Pull-Ups, so pants such as the Dri Nights Bedwetter Pants help a child to feel like they are wearing special night-time underwear instead of a diaper for bedwetting.

Unlike many other bedwetter pants, the Dri Nights Bedwetter Pants are offered in sizes starting from 4T up to a size 10. According to many of the reviews on their web site, the pants tend to run small around the waist, and normal size around the legs, so it is best to order a size smaller than your child may normally wear.

The pant comes in 3 different colors: blue, pink and white. They heavy-duty pants in that they are relatively bulky. They have many different layers. The inner shell is a polyester mesh, followed by a cotton quilted panel, then 3 normal cotton panels, another extra-absorbent panel, and then a waterproof nylon shell. All of these layers make for a bulky pant.

The pants are not meant for heavy wetters, however. Many of the reviews on their web site say the pants still leak, leaving sheets and pajamas wet. The use of a waterproof mattress pad or even an extra pair of waterproof bedwetter pants may be a good alternative.

Many of the reviews mention the pants take a long time to dry, and the manufacturer says this on the product description as well. Even under the highest and longest setting, the pants will need to be turned inside out and allowed to dry for an extended period of time. But at only $9,99 each, having several pairs available is still cost-effective.

The Dri Nights bed-wetter pants are an affordable alternative to disposable underpants, but using a cloth product always has its advantages and disadvantages. at $9,99 they are worth a try.