Dry Comfort Extra Youth Diapers

Dry Comfort Extra is one brand of youth diapers available through mass-market and online retailers.  It is plastic-backed and one of the more economical or cheapest youth diapers available.

Disposable diapers for bed-wetting should be the last effort to handle severe bed-wetting and daytime childhood incontinence. For an older child, being put back into diapers, even if they are youth size, is an extremely emotional event and should be handled with care. Youth diapers and diapers for older children should never be used as punishment for wetting the bed, and a child should never be forced to wear a youth diaper for any reason. For a more long-term solution to bed-wetting, we strongly recommend the use of a bed-wetting alarm for night-time training with the combination of GoodNites underpants for sleepovers. For camp-outs, pull-on disposable underpants are a more discrete bedwetting product.

The information provided below for Dry Comfort Extra diapers is provided for families dealing with complete or heavy childhood incontinence who need a full incontinence product.

Dry Comfort Youth Diaper Features

The Dry Comfort Extra disposable briefs are actually adult briefs (adult diapers) available in a small/petite size that fits waist sizes from 23 ” – 31″. The brief does seem to go quite a bit larger as well, probably going up to 33″ or 34″. They feature a super absorbent polymer, a blue acquisition layer, multi-strand elastics and a wetness indicator that show when the brief should be changed. There are four tape tabs on the brief, two on each side (unlike baby diapers). They adhere to the diaper very well and are easy to readjust.

The briefs do not have waist elastic, however the top and back of the briefs ride very high on the hips and do not relax as much as the cloth-like covers of its competitors. The brief is green in color and has an extremely noisy and plastic-feeling outer shell. Because of this, if your child is looking for something discreet, Dry Comfort Extra briefs should not be at the top of your list. In addition, as you can see in the photos on the mannequin below, the front absorbent zone is very prominent and full, which will give the appearance of a lot of extra padding under pajamas.

If you are looking for a form-fitting brief, this is not one you should consider. Despite including Lycra leg gathers in the leg opening of the diaper, both the front and the back of the waistband do not contain any type of elastic support system. Not having elastic at the waist can cause the brief to stretch and lose its shape over time. You can notice the lack of elastic in the photos of the product below. This can be especially inconvenient at night, when the front of the diaper stretched and no longer protects from night-time, horizontal use.

The Dry Comfort brief has a capacity rating of about 650 ml or 22 oz.

REMEMBER: Disposable diapers should not be used as punishment for bed-wetting or any other behavioral issues. Youth diapers are recommended only for complete or heavy incontinence. For normal bed-wetting, we strongly recommend the use of a bed-wetting alarm for night-time training and GoodNites underpants for sleepovers away from home.