Pampers Underjams

Pampers Underjams are a disposable underpant made by the Pampers company to help kids who either wet the bed or who are too old for traditional training pants.  They come in two different sizes and have options for Boys and Girls.

History of Pampers Underjams

Pampers Underjams were unveiled in 2008 to the U.S. public and initially had limited availability.  The introduction of these pants came as a surprise to many following the disposable underpant and diaper market, since a similar pant by the brand name “Luvs SleepDrys” failed to survive due to the dominance of the Huggies GoodNites brand of disposable underpants.

Features of Underjams

Underjams were uniquely marketed to make them different than their competitor GoodNites.  First, they were designed to have a lower rise in the back of the pant.  This feature was heavily noted in their television and ad campaigns.  Second, instead of being all one color, or all one design, the pants featured two different, alternating designs.  In addition, the designs for the different sizes of Underjams were different as well.

Beyond that, Pampers Underjams shares many characteristics with the GoodNites brand and other disposable bedwetting underpants.  Elastic leg gathers and leak guards are standard issue, as is  a cloth-like cover material.  The “quietness” of the cover is debatable, as any waterproof pad will make noise different than that of a normal cotton diaper.

The absorbent core is very thin when the brief is not wet, which helps them disappear under pajamas.  When wet, however, the core absorbs a good amount of liquid and expands.  Unlike many disposable underpants that offer night time protection, when Underjams are wet, the leg elastic and waistband do not seem to stretch, and so remain form-fitting .

Odor control is also an issue, because even if you can’t see the underpant under pajamas, you can still smell them. Although not an advertised feature, they seem to control and neutralize odor very well, and with their snug-fitting features listed above, will remain discrete under pajamas in the morning long enough to change and dispose of.

Underjams Sizes

Underjams come in two different sizes in both boys and girls versions.  They are S/M for 38-65 lb children, and L/XL for children who weigh 58-85 lbs.  Unlike Goodnites, which tend to stretch to fit bigger sizes, the elastic and material in Underjams is not as stretchy, so they don’t tend to fit children over the intended sizes.

Underjams can be found in many grocery store chains on the same shelf as Goodnites and store-brand bedwetting underpants. They are seldom found at Wal-Mart, presumably due to an exclusivity agreement with Kimberly-Clark to stock Goodnites at the mega department store (unconfirmed).

With the ongoing battle over brand dominance with Goodnites, we can expect Pampers to keep adding features, changing designs, and upgrading its product over the next few years. For parents who have a bedwetting child, Pampers Underjams are a good alternative to keeping dry on sleepovers, vacations, or even for extended use until the child is dry.